Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sizing Up the Situation

The other day I took advantage of a half price sale at the art store and bought some more canvases. In the back is the giant 4ft x 5 ft canvas I've been so afraid of. In the front is the measeley little 11x14 canvas I began practicing on.

After stacking them up in the bunk room (they don't fit in my teeny studio) I had an "aha!" moment. When I began the first painting it became apparent almost immediately that I was, again, working too small so I prepared several surfaces that were nearly twice the size(16x20.) But they also seemed too small as a practice for working large. So I aquired a 24 x 30 canvas - again twice the size. It wasn't until I bought two 36x42 canvases (again twice as large) that I felt on the right track. Finally, this size feels large to me - but not overwhelming. Perhaps I was right in feeling intimidated by the thought of painting on a surface that was 8 times larger than I'm used to. Really, though, I might have been better leaping into deeper water right from the start.

I'm still going to follow my plan of doubling the size every painting until I'm ready for the big one. I'd like to be painting right now but... got to get that shop opened by this weekend.

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