Monday, September 20, 2010

Sculpturefest 2010

If you are in Vermont for foliage season, I highly recommend you visit Woodstock and turn up Prosper Road to Charlet Davenport's farm. Every year she hosts a Sculpturefest, a free walking tour of sculpture by local and national artists. There is such a delightful "Vermonty" flavor to the event. Bring your walking shoes because the installations are scattered over several acres of field and forest. This weekend I gave myself the pleasure of walking and viewing. HERE is the website with info. Trust me, though, these photos do not do it justice.

I try to give myself some art- viewing time every week to keep my juices flowing. Artwork, like writing, can be a somewhat isolating experience. You can easily get caught up in your own head, stagnating in one's own self-criticism, unless you get out and feed the Muse.

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