Monday, September 13, 2010

My New Little Shop - Beginnings

I haven't had much to show you recently because I've been working on a new project: my own little shop - sort of. There is a consignment shop (furniture, housewares, art, etc. - no clothing) just outside of the village of Woodstock, VT called "Something Old, Something New." I've consigned things and bought things there. A few weeks ago I was talking with the owner and - I honestly don't remember how we gravitated to this - she and I agreed to collaborate. She was wanting to downsize her store but didn't want to give up her location on Route 4. I've been wanting my own shop as long as I can remember. So, as of next week, just in time for foliage season, I will be taking over two nice little rooms and a hallway in her sprawling collection of rooms at the old Bible Factory on Route 4. Although I will be a consigner, the space will be dedicated to my things and I can decorate it any way I wish. The sign outside will have an addition saying "featuring Emerlye Arts."

I've always wanted a little shop but Woodstock is such an outrageously expensive little tourist town that the cost of a storefront of my own has always been prohibitive. This is a wonderful opportunity of having a public space for my artwork, wearables, kirigami, etc. without actually having to own anything. I already have my wares in several other stores outside the area so am used to paying commissions.

I've not moved into the space yet - that will happen later this week - and it will probably take me a month to get it spruced up to my satisfaction. I will show you photos of its progress. This is what one of my rooms and the little hallway look like. It still has some of the other consigner's things in it, so it looks messy. The rooms are sweet, though, and full of light.

This is the doorway from the main store into my suite of rooms.

Here it is again, looking from my space out into the main shop.
The black door is the building entrance.
To the left is a small alcove into a closet and bathroom.

This is one of my two rooms. How will I ever fill it?

There is a lot of space. At first I will be using some of the furniture from the main store but later I will get my own furniture to use as display bases. They will be for sale to help pay some of my expenses. (I used to be in the antiques business so this should be fun.)

This is the little hallway that connects my two rooms.
More wallspace for hanging.

I can't show you a photo of the smaller room, as it came out too dark. I will most likely set that room up for my wearables. We'll see.

Oooooo. I'm so excited. I hope this little arrangement works out. At least I will be able to get things out of my house and reclaim my living room! Stay tuned.

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