Thursday, September 23, 2010

1000 Markets is No More

I sadly announce that the beautiful online artisan gallery, 1000 Markets, will be closing its doors in a few days, and so the lovely little shop I had there will be closing. My two Etsy shops will still be open and you can always contact me directly through my website if you require anything.

This is a sad development because 1000Markets was one of the few juried artisan sites on the web. It also did not accept supplies and vintage items like Etsy, Artfire, and many of the others, so customers knew that everything on the site was of high quality and either made by hand or derived from original artwork. (It is always a struggle for artists and fine crafters to gain a foothold in a marketplace overwhelmed by manufactured goods.) Most of all, 1000Markets was a beautiful site, very tasteful and appealing. So many of the other online venues look like a jungle of advertising, although I see that Etsy has now changed its shop format to look more like 1KM.

I will miss them.

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