Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kirigami Keepsake Cards

Every several months I spend a day or two making a batch of kirigami keepsake cards to sell on Etsy or at shows. They aren't really money makers for me but they are great little items for catching people's attention. Whenever people come to my Itty Bitty Art show, they tend to gravitate to the cards. Most people buy them for weddings and special occasions. They are something people keep for years and show others - so they are worth doing once in a while.

For the past two days I've been renewing my stash of kirigami cards with a dozen new cuttings.

Many of my cards are crafted from Langdell Paper, hand made in Vermont. Langdell is made from natural materials and is a wonderful combination of heft and buttery softness. So fine.
Here's a sample:

The card closes up to either a heart or cone shape. I hand stamp and hand guild the outside so it looks very formal. When opened, the cutwork pops out dimensionally.

It's wedding season, so these are going out the door quickly right now.

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