Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Hot Seat is Waiting

I've been waiting for a week to receive the new easel I ordered to replace the defective one I was sent. I also haven't received the enlarger yet nor do I have a proper palette. Sitting here wringing my hands in anticipation of these things arriving has allowed me to wallow in fears and excuses.

Then, the other day, an art teacher friend of mine came to visit. When I told her about my project - learning to paint on a large canvas - and showed her the canvas, my hot seat, etc., she remarked, "Why don't you start practicing right away with something smaller? You will need to try out different techniques, so go get a bunch of cheap canvasses or a pad of canvas paper and begin experimenting. You don't need a big easel for that."

Eureka. Why didn't I think of that? So I went out that evening and, as serendipity would have it, canvases were on sale for half price. I bought several and a jar of medium.

I had the nagging feeling that I still didn't have everything I need (my fear gremlin working overtime) so today I took out all the brushes, mediums, and equipment I have for acrylic and laid it out on the table.

I will probably want some new brushes once I begin (most of my oil and acrylic brushes are pretty ratty and rather small) but I have enough to start. No more excuses. My butt and the hot seat need to kiss.

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