Friday, July 9, 2010

Creating a Logo 9: The Line Drawing

Creating a line drawing is basic to being able to modify the logo on the computer or produce several versions of the final design. I like to do everything from here on in stages. I make a line drawing by hand. Everything except the lettering and any shapes which need to be exact (like the inner circle) is hand drawn. I scan it into the computer.

Any area that I'm not sure of, I leave blank. For example, you see that the blossoms of the thistles are blank. I will be trying different ways of expressing them, which I can do separately and add to the file later. You see above that I have left the inner circle blank. I will create that on the computer to get it exactly right. I am aiming for a look which is partly folk-art and yet looks precise enough to be a logo.

I then "clean up" the scanned drawing by correcting small details on the computer, such as a line gone astray or an imperfect curve.

Next, I create with a graphics program the shapes I left out. Here you see that I have added the two inner circles. Now I can begin to experiment with filling in the blank spaces and correcting any shapes I don't like. Having the line drawing in digital form makes this process easier.

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