Saturday, July 10, 2010

Creating a Logo 10: Background Variations

This phase is a matter of trying many variations of background fill. Quite often a design will look one way as a sketch and in line form but not turn out as expected when the black space is filled in. Thank goodness for Photoshop with which I can create variations layer by layer and experiment with what works best. Here are my first few variations.

In this version I filled in everything except the "halo" around the sheep portrait.

In this version I filled in the spokes of the "halo" with gray. I am considering adding spokes to the halo and this gray will give me an idea of how that might work. Since I would make this addition by hand, I will experiment on the computer first.

In this version I filled in the space between the "spokes" of the halo and did some shading on the flowers. I dulled down the top of the halo to accommodate the Company Name which will be placed there later.

In this version I am experimenting with inversions. I think I have to work more on the details of the sheep and flowers first. That's where I will focus next.

For the next few posts, I will show you more versions as they are created. Once the design is satisfactory, then I will begin on the lettering - another round of experimentation.

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