Monday, July 12, 2010

Creating a Logo 13: Finishing Up

My clients wisely chose Version 3 for their primary design.

Version 5 is their alternate.

Now I must spend a day or two "cleaning up" the files. What you see here is rough, digitally speaking. I will ...
  • go through the chosen images in detail and smooth out and correct lines and elements as best I can.
  • I will convert the design to various types of files, including PDF.
  • I will make a list of notes and suggestions for the logo's use and some notations on what works best.
  • I will format a label and suggest the fonts to use for product names.
  • I will print out a large version on heavy paper, suitable for framing.
Then it will all be mailed half way around the world with my best wishes.

I will post their design on my website with a link to them. In return, hopefully, I will later receive back samples of their product materials (letterhead, label, etc.) and perhaps photos of themselves and their farm to put in my memory file. I will also request that, when they create their website, an acknowledgement of me as the logo designer and a link to my website will be made. I must say, the owners of Thistledown Creamery have been wonderful, cooperative clients. I wish them well.

My creation will soon be out in the world. What more can an artist want?

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