Sunday, July 11, 2010

Creating a Logo 12: Creating Versions

Once I have the basic design of my logo worked out and have perfected details and experimented with backgrounds, fonts, etc., I like to create more than one version to see what actually works best as something that would fit a product label. As I've mentioned before, what might look great as a drawing isn't necessarily what will work as a logo. Here are five versions I like so far. Most have been created simply by manipulating the background. I have also added some swirlies on the top to fill blank space between the company name and the halo.

Version 1: This has a gradated background, with the light on top, necessitating the words to be black. This makes the name pop out a bit and the gradation gives some dimension to the piece. I have added black behind the halo in this one.

Version 2: This one also uses a gradation for the background, only I left the halo transparent. The portrait of the sheep is also transparent, giving the whole a delicate feeling.

Version 3: This uses a solid black background. It is bolder than the others and may make a striking label. It will also be easier to reproduce on products other than paper. The black can always be substituted with another color, but if so, it should be very toned and muted - medium to dark but not bright.

Version 4: This is a straight inversion of version 3. It has a folk-art look and reminds one of a delicate papercutting.

Version 5: This is a combination of versions 3 and 4. I inverted the outside and kept the sheep portrait in black. This has both the striking quality of the black version and the delicacy of the inverted version.

Even though I provide my clients with more than one version of their logo, I STRONGLY advise that they choose one to use as their main design in order to establish their brand better. Later, the others can be used if the client has a family of products and wants to distinguish product lines by using another variation.

What I have left out of this discussion is a post about choosing fonts. I actually tried 24 different fonts and found few of them with both the clarity and whimsy this logo requires.

Not done yet, though. Stay tuned.

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