Sunday, July 11, 2010

Creating a Logo 11: Refining the Details

I am in the process of refining the details of several of the logo's elements now. Specifically, I am working on the flowers, the halo, and the sheep.

First I printed a high quality copy of the line drawing and used it to make some hand-drawn variations.
The doodles at the bottom are different possible flower fronds and background textures.

In this drawing I added detail to the sheep and dots to the background to see if I could tone it down a bit and make the sheep stand out more. I also added spokes to the halo. I like this version a lot in line form but it didn't work well when the black background was added. I ended up reducing the dots quite a bit.

Next, I scanned these new drawings into the computer and copied them onto my working file, superimposing the new versions onto the old in layers to see how they work. Below you see two versions of the flowers and two versions of sheep. The flowers are most problematic. You don't want them to be too bright so they look like white blobs when the image is reduced. But you also don't want them to fade into the background too much. I will probably play around with them a bit more.

The other elements look good to me now. I have faded the top of the halo a bit to allow the words to stand out. It will be faded more but I need to wait until the words are added to see how much to fade.

Sheep v.1 and Flowers v.1

Sheep v.2 and Flowers v 2

In the next post I will show you some background variations. I am playing with gradations and textures. The possibilities are so numerous it gets overwhelming.

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