Sunday, June 6, 2010

Striped Ribbon

This is the final line drawing to Portfolio Set 2 in my new Coloring Line. I will be completing the final drawings for Set 3 and 4 soon. When the portfolios arrive next week and, hopefully, the coloring journal, I will then put the creativity kit and all the portfolios together. Then I will be listing them for sale. Everything is coming together now. (Amazing how long everything takes, isn't it?)

"Striped Ribbon" will be part of Portfolio set 2: "Floral Bouquets." Each drawing in this set is of a bunch of flowers wound together with ribbon in a kind of messy bouquet.

Set 1, "A Tangle of Flowers" features my typical tangle of various flowers, berries, and weeds.

Set 3 will be "Aquatic Bouquets" with aquatic plant and animal life arranged as bouquets.

Set 4 will be "Frames," where each drawing has a place left empty for your own photo, poetry, quotation, announcement, etc.

Set 5 will be called "Edibles" and will feature floral drawings which include fruit and vegetables.

Set 6 will probably feature my Hemp/Cannabis designs.

All of these collections are nearly finished. Sets one and two will be ready to go in a week or so and then I will probably put out a new set each week thereafter until all six are done. Soon, I will be posting the entire contents of each collection on my website. Stay tuned.

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