Sunday, June 27, 2010

Creating a Logo 1: The Query

Most people only have a vague idea of what they want for a logo and it is my job to help them clarify their vision ahead of time. Therefore, step one in creating a logo is the Query: both parties questioning each other about the project.

Here are some of the initial queries I have received. They are all very general. All of them, with the exception of the environmental group, had seen my artwork before and knew my style.
  • An environmental startup wants a logo in color but they don't even have a name yet.
  • A craftperson working in beaded leather wants a logo with her name on it.
  • A small enterprise just starting up wants to have a logo when they launch their business. They already have a name and a makeshift logo but they want something more professional looking.
  • An environmental group with both a print and an internet presence wants something for their website.
  • A small manufacturer of hemp clothing wants a logo with words and image depicting their company name and byline.
  • A coaching firm headed by a woman with a Dutch background wants something feminine and personal yet professional looking.
  • A small sheep farm making cheese and bath products wants a label for their products.
  • Another organic dairy farm and cheese maker wants a logo that can be a label for their products.
  • An upscale consignment shop featuring unusual and elegant women's clothing wants a logo for their sign and for all their hang tags on their clothing.
  • An ultimate frizbee sports team called Rampant Cow that wants a logo for their shirts and frizbees.

In order to help them to fill out their vision of what is wanted, I begin asking lots of questions about the project. Here is a list of the types of questions I would ask:
  • Describe as much as you can, what you are looking for in a logo.
  • Describe your company or group. Where are you located? What do you do?
  • What is the marketplace like that your product will be in? Who are your customers? Who will be looking at this?
  • What is the feeling you want to convey?
  • What level of sophistication is needed?
  • What kinds of products will this be on? Be specific about size, color, type, etc. Do you want to use this in other places, such as business card, letterhead, signs, banners, print media, product labels, tags, etc?
  • Do you want color or black and white?
  • Look at my other logos on my website. Which ones are similar to what you are looking for? What do you like about it?
  • What shape do you want it to be? Oblong, square, triangle, circle, oval, half circle...?
  • Tell me some things about the people who make up your group. Is there anything particular about them? I am thinking about motifs and how to include symbolism in the logo that might make it more meaningful to you.
  • What is the time frame I have to work in? When do you intend to launch; when is this needed? (I generally need two months to create a logo, provided my time is flexible.)
  • Is there anything specific that needs to be in the logo? Any particular image, word or motif?
  • What words need to be on the product label besides the logo and the product name?
  • Who is the person making the final desision on this logo? (If it is someone other than who is contacting me, I need to connect with them to make sure we are all on the same page.)

I may go back and forth a bit with the questioning. It is vitally important that I get the clearest picture possible of what the client needs.

Next time: contracts.

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