Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sabra Field - Vermont printmaker

The grand Open Studio Weekend is coming up soon. I am getting my little home-gallery ready. This morning I was at the Mount Tom Farmer's market, chatting with a print maker I just met who will also be in the Studio Show. We were moaning that being on the tour means you don't get to see other people's studio displays. We decided that the best remedy would be to keep things set up a bit longer and, at the end of the weekend, visit each others' studios. This works for me, as there are several fine artists right in my neighborhood or "down the road a piece."

The most renown of these is Sabra Field, a print maker whose work is nationally known and whose design was chosen for a Vermont US postage stamp several years ago. I captured these images from her website, which I recommend you visit. Her work is much more stunning in person - her images are clear and open - very clean looking. Her prints make you feel happy and refreshed. Its no wonder that you see her work displayed all over Vermont.

HERE is Sabra's website.

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