Friday, May 7, 2010

Putting Multiple Psd Files in a Single Pdf

Now that I've finished designing my adult coloring journal and have chosen a printing company, I need to send them the .pdf of the entire book. This would be easy if it were text done on Word. But all my images are done on Photoshop as individual files. I've just learned how to make them into a single .pdf. I've tested it out and it works! I hope my old mac can handle the RAM needed to consolidate 88 pages of files. Here's how to do it:

  • Make sure all your files are flat and in .jpg form. For the printer, they need to be at 300dpi and in the exact size you will be printing at (unless there is a bleed, in which case you need to add space around the edges according to your printer's specs.)
  • Make sure all your files are in a single folder and are labeled in such a way that they will be in the correct order for the book.
  • Get into Photoshop. Select File/ Automate /PDF presentation.
  • Select the Browse button and open the folder with your images in it. They should all now appear in the small window to your left on the PS page.
  • If you wish, you can drag and drop the files to change their order. (It is easier, however, to label them in a way that automatically puts them in the order you wish.)
  • You can select from the options to have a simple multi page document or a slideshow with transition and timing. The latter is great for portfolios, but will only display properly if your client is using Acrobat Reader. Otherwise it will be a simple multi-page document.
  • Your .pdf should appear on your desktop, ready to use.
Easy peasy.

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