Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Producing Coloring Portfolios

My studio is a war zone.

I've been madly putting together my first set of loose coloring pages in a portfolio form so I will have something of my new Adult Coloring line to show for the Open Studio Tour, since my Coloring Journal will not be printed in time. I've printed out several copies in the past two days and packaged them yesterday. All I have to do is shrink-wrap the portfolios, I thought. Simple.

Of course, having never done any shrink-wrapping before, I thought it would be a breeze. Why do I keep forgetting that there is a learning curve to everything. Late into the night I wrapped the same package 14 times before I got the knack of how to do it and make it look presentable. The portfolios look much nicer without wrapping, but the shop owners I showed them to all agreed that they would get wrecked by customers handling them. Thus the wrapping.

My shrink wrapping setup

When this Open Studio Tour is over, I will create sets 2 and 3. By then my book should be printed and I can put together the Creativity kit and Voila! My line of adult coloring things will be launched. THEN I will put it all up for sale and you can all buy some.

Today I have to clean up the house and the studio and get ready to hang my displays tomorrow and Friday so I will be ready for the show on Saturday.

Messy, messy drawing table.

LATER: Much better.

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