Sunday, May 2, 2010

Home Stretch

You are probably sick of hearing about this adult coloring journal, the current bane of my existence. Nevertheless, this blog gives you a good idea of what is involved in an attempt at self publishing (and the marketing piece hasn't even begun!)

I printed out ten copies of the book yesterday and very quickly realized that it isn't going to work to print them myself. Ten copies took me nearly all day! The quality is OK but trying to do this without truly professional equipment is crazy. My arm is still aching from punching holes for 840 pages. I haven't collated and bound them yet either. Perhaps this is why it takes a book - any book - so long to come to publication. The myriad details take several months to untangle, many of them connected to each other.

So last night I did some research and have contacted ten book printers. I described my project and requested bids, which should come back this week. Then I will have to learn how to format the entire book as one pdf for the printer. Oi. My goal of having this book ready before the Vermont Open Studio Tour at the end of May is diminishing rapidly. At least I will have a few self-printed ones to show and sell. Mother's Day will have come and gone as well. Darn. Nevertheless, online selling will be much easier. The book will be ready for sale online as soon as it is printed, which, hopefully, will be by the end of May.

Here is the photograph of the front cover, needed for the ISBN information page.

New back cover, without bar code.

So... now that most things are worked out and I am close to handing this project over to a printer, I will be turning my attention to making new work. I am parched for something delicious to create.

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