Friday, May 28, 2010

Hanging the Black & Whites

Yesterday my daughter came by to help me hang the black and whites in the upstairs hallway that Vermont Studio Tour visitors will have to pass through to see my studio. I will have a display (my Itty Bitty Art Gallery) downstairs with signs directing them to the upstairs studio, should they want to see where I work. (I always like to see the actual studios when I attend this tour.)

It took us all afternoon to get these prints hung, as my 200 year old house is far from level or square. What measures out to be the right place to put a painting somehow comes out looking wrong because of the house's odd angles. We ended up eyeballing it most of the time. It looks rather nice in the end.

I sure hope enough visitors come to make all this work worthwhile. Even if not, it was an incentive to complete things and spruce up the place.

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