Friday, May 14, 2010

The Bar Code Saga Continues

Woo hoo! I finally got the bar code mess worked out and my coloring journal is now ready to go to the printer, hopefully TODAY! Bowker, the sole US company able to distribute ISBN has just put up a new website. When I went to configure my barcode, all the information I had previously uploaded, including pictures, descriptions, etc. was missing. Also missing was any indication that I had previously paid for a bar code. I had to start all over. (groan. This is what comes of granting a monopoly.)

When I was ready, I configured the bar code (I clicked the button with trembling hands, I might add, half-expecting the whole program to blow up.) The website then spit out a beautiful little .pdf file with my new bar code on it. The directions said to not try to adjust, copy, or manipulate it in any way but rather to go into my photoshop file (where the image of my back cover is) and click on File/import to place it on the page. Well, that didn't work. Photoshop kept telling me that the .pdf contained no images. Finally, I went into Preview and selected the image myself, then copied it into a new layer on my PS page. A prompt window came up asking me if I wanted to "place" the image (that seemed weird but I clicked "yes.") Nothing seemed to happen until I dragged the layer to the top and then, Voila! I moved the barcode to where I wanted it on the bottom right of the page. I was sure to not adjust the dimensions at all. Hopefully this will print well and be readable by a scanner. Finis!

Now to upload the files to the printer.

LATER: Yay! I was able to format my 88 page journal into a single .pdf, then compress it into a .zip file, then upload it to the printer. The upload took 40 minutes with me wringing my hands the whole time, praying that no glitch would happen. Since we only get unreliable satellite internet where I live, and it was raining, it wasn't impossible for the connection to disappear in the middle of my upload. But all went well.

Now to pay for the book printing, register copyright, get a library of congress number, write out a SEO card, etc....

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