Monday, April 5, 2010


My work as a life coach is all about renewal, so resurrection is a frequent theme for me and my clients: the release of things that have died or should die, the birth of new endeavors, and the rebirth of forgotten strengths.

In honor of Easter, here are a few works of art which I particularly like. They mostly depict the resurrection of Jesus, symbolic of our own inner transformation.

This is the image I grew up with - a pretty image but more narrative than inspirational.

Now that I am older I see more of a sense of majesty in the resurrection: more redemption, more recognition of what a big deal rebirth is. Since I love Russian art, here is the resurrected Christ by Michael Nesterov, 1862-1942. This gets a wee bit closer.

The 1510 artist, Matthias Grunewald expresses even more of the emotion I am looking for. This is part of a large Church altar panel. I like the glory surrounding this Christ. It feels powerful, colorful and triumphant.
I like the muscularity of this Christ figure by Rubens. This is the kind of strength and commitment it takes to vanquish past habits and work toward a new life.

Changing one's life is hard work. But you can't do it alone. It takes both your own effort and outside support and, above all, Grace, which I think Frederick Hart illustrates beautifully in this sculpture:
Finally, here is Giorgio Vaselli's "Resurrection of a Bioenergetic Phoenix," which captures the transformation one must undergo on a cellular level to make change lasting.

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