Sunday, April 25, 2010

More About getting an ISBN and Bar Code

I'm ready to install bar codes on both my Coloring Journal and the Creativity kit. Again, this seems simpler than it has proven to be. A while ago I bought a block of 10 ISBN & bar codes from Bowker, the US distributor, and set up an account. In order to buy I had to register as a publisher (and now am getting publishing junk mail. LOL)

Before a bar code can be configured for me, I need to have the retail price ready. I hadn't realized that, so today I am reviewing all my costs for both the book and the kit and calculating what the wholesale price can be, which will lead me to the retail price. Then Bowker can configure a bar code for each product. If I decide in the future to change any detail, including the retail price, I must use a new ISBN and bar code.

To be listed in Books in Print, I need to fill out a detailed Identifier form describing the book specs and how it will be available. As I've tried to fill out the form, I realize that I'm not familiar with all the publishing terms and don't know the answer to many questions. (Sigh. Another learning curve.) Fortunately, I can fill in this information little by little.

I also need to have the book cover photographed to include in the Identifier information. This way, when a book store, library, or online service swipes the bar code or types in the ISBN, all the information as well as the book cover image can be accessed.

Onward... one more step.

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