Friday, April 2, 2010

Ketubah and Ceremonial Art

Yesterday was the first day that Shiretown Books, the local store which sells hundreds of my cards, was under new ownership. I drove there to meet the new owner, who greeted me very pleasantly. When I told her I was the card artist, she clapped her hands together and remarked, "Oh! I love your work and was thinking that you would be wonderful as a ketubah artist. In fact, I'm going to recommend you to people I know."

Ketubah? I didn't know what that was, since I'm not Jewish. When she explained that it was a Jewish marriage certificate, decorated with symbols and containing the couple's vows, I was intrigued and enlightened. I have always admired the gorgeous wedding art a friend of mine has on her wall but didn't know that it was traditional. I began looking this up on the Internet and got more and more excited. I have always loved Ceremonial and religious art, as well as mythical themed art. In fact, I've thought of developing a line of beautiful certificates for special occasions. When I looked up Christian ceremonial art, I found very little. This is such a wonderful way to memorialize one's special occasions. Why isn't there more of it outside of Judaica?

I will have to explore this idea more. Here are a few images I found online of beautiful ketubot.

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