Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fallen Fern

I've decided to replace Profusion with this new drawing, Fallen Fern, which is more consistent with the other drawings in the coloring book. Profusion was made with a heavier pen and looks a bit out of place. One more task done.


  1. My blog is called thicket house (for two reasons having to do with family history) and I would love to order a kirigami with this theme. I would love it if it could have a house in a thicket and hearts and birds, but maybe that's too much! What do you think? I didn't see one like this in your etsy shop, but I think you have done similar ones.

  2. Kristi, Thanks for your interest. Please contact me through my Etsy shop ( where we can have a private conversation about this. I will be happy to help you.