Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gifts from the Sea

One of the wonderful shops I went in on my Cape Cod jaunt this week was Discount Designer Fabrics and Trimmings, 94 Main St. (Route 28) in West Harwich, MA. Not only was this wee shop a gift to those who love beautiful cloth, it also boasts a beautiful siren hanging from the rafters, overlooking everything.

The owner told me about his granddaughter who loves mermaids. When he saw this one for sale he bought it for her. Unfortunately, it is so large, it wouldn't fit anywhere in her house. So they hung it from the cathedral ceiling in the shop, where it floats over the fabric as if everything is under water.

I was so taken by the wonderful white mermaid that I had to take pictures of it to show you. These don't do it justice, however.

Why don't we all have mythical creatures floating above us for inspiration?

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