Saturday, February 27, 2010

Self Publishing Quandry

As you know, for a year now I have been working on some Adult Coloring Pages. I have enough images (and many more in the pipeline) to create a book of sorts. Now my problem is how to accomplish that. "Five Leaves"

Format: Do I want a spiral bound book that will lay flat when used? Loose coloring pages in an envelope with a stiff backing board? A custom pocket folder-kit? A perfect-bound paperback? I've decided that either an 8x10 or 8.5 x 11" format would work best, except for mandalas, which would be printed square.

Materials: Heavy card-stock pages for substance? Heavy text-weight paper? A chipboard backing for ease of coloring? Laminated cover? Stiff clear plastic cover? Shrink wrap? Clear celo envelope? Naked? Cost is a big factor in all of this. If I manufacture myself I need to have the equipment, some of which I already have.

Publishing: Do I want to look for a publisher? Self publish? Produce my own product or use a POD (print on demand) service? Distribute through Amazon and have to sell a huge amount for it to be worthwhile?

As in this design, I'm working on making some
kirigami designs into a coloring book as well.

Misc: Need to purchase an ISBN with barcode -- or should I go with a UPC barcode if I make it a kit instead of a book? Barcode stickers if packaged? How many pages? Some distribution channels have minimums. Leave images blank or write descriptions, directions, etc.?

I did research all yesterday and my head is spinning! An artist friend came over for tea and I showed her what I was doing. Her very good suggestion was to make mock-up samples in several different formats and test them out. I guess that is next.

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