Monday, February 8, 2010


Last night I had dinner with another artist. She asked me, "Have you started painting again?"
I had to scowl and admit that I hadn't. Before I could launch into my Big Excuse (I've been sick for a month) she cheerfully grabbed my arm and said, " Well come look at what I've been doing." We walked up to her studio where she showed me four large paintings she's completed since the fall - exactly when I began announcing that I was going to get back to painting.

It was a wonderful and horrible moment - wonderful to see her beautiful new work, and horrible to squirm against my own procrastination. Yes, the Big Excuse is real. But that just doesn't cut it any more. Time to get out the paints and finish some work waiting in the wings.

"Annunciation" (unfinished)


  1. Hi Cynthia, life sure is strange, I've been ill this past month and doing the big procrastination thing and feeling very sorry for myself. So, I think I'll go have a look at what others are doing and have to laugh. I love your work and so recognise the feeling small against all these other fab artists like you. So I guess we're all human after all and must just keep letting our soul shine through our work and others feel uplifted by it as I do by yours and others do by mine then we'll all be OK. Blessings and good health Kay Leverton

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