Thursday, February 25, 2010

Different Support, Different Paint

For a while now I have been fooling around with different paints. I wanted to begin working in oils but have been so frustrated at how slowly it dries, even with drying accelerators. For someone used to watercolors, this is excruciating.

Shown here is a painting in two versions, one with water-soluble oils and the other with alkyd oil, supposedly fast drying. I may just start playing around with acrylics again, although until now, I haven't been able to get them to have the luminosity of oil.

I was forced into the second version of this painting because I stupidly painted the first on an old canvas board I had instead of canvas or board. I had intended this to simply be practice, but the painting began to please me and I was furious at myself for using inferior materials as support. Immediately afterwards, I gave away all such so I wouldn't be tempted to use them again. (Not using good materials is a trap. One never knows what a session will produce. Sometimes small miracles or happy accidents ensue.)

So, both of these paintings are in process, although I will probably abandon the first on canvas board and continue to experiment with alkyd (although I bought only a few paints, so I don't have a good range of colors in this medium yet. ) I will show you my progress - successes and failures - with this work. Stay tuned.

"Annunciation" - Water soluble oil on canvas board - unfinished (scanned)

"Annunciation" - Alkyd oil on canvas - unfinished v1 (camera)

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