Saturday, January 2, 2010

Story Portraits

I am beginning to recover from my holiday flu-pneumonia so I thought I would give you a peek of things to come.
This winter I plan to paint more and develop the genre I call "Story Portraits." These are designs meant to represent the story of someone's life. Shown here is one of the first ones I did. It is a 12x12 watercolor for Susan Cross and tells the story of her marriage, divorce, and recovery. (I cannot tell you all about it because it is personal to her.) My older story portraits like this one were quite literal - you see that I painted her exact house, etc. My intention now is to make these pieces more metaphorical.

These story portraits are wonderful conversation pieces. Mandala-like, one can contemplate the symbolism for a long time or simply enjoy the color and design without knowing what it means. I will say more about them later.


  1. Glad you are feeling better. This looks like a great project

  2. Very beautiful work. I'm sorry you were so ill, but glad you are better.