Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Present for My Daughter

After more than a decade of training, my oldest daughter is launching her private practice as a psychotherapist. She's just rented an office, which she's having fun decorating, and sending out notices to all her contacts that she's open for business. As a gift, I've created a "logo" of sorts for her and this past week I've formatted it into business cards, address labels, letterhead, and note cards. She has seen and approved of the business card design but she doesn't know that I've made her a whole set of coordinated material. I will be bringing it to her this weekend as a surprise. I'm pretty confident she doesn't check this blog so I can sneak you a peek. Since my hands were still shaking this week, I couldn't start drawing again. This was the perfect project to get me back into the studio. Take a peek:

Business card

Heather's practice is in the Burlington, Vermont area near Lake Champlain. Thus, the lake is the background. She is a creative, dynamic personality so the font I used for her name is also dramatic. Purple was the color she wanted so I tinted the sky and water. This works well, I think, in conveying a serene, evening kind of look, as she works a lot with troubled teens.

Website Banner

Letterhead and note paper
( appears at the top of the page)

I also created 2" address stickers but they are stuck on my label program and I can't seem to create a jpg. to show you. Oh well....

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  1. A deservedly proud Mom!
    And she has an enviable card design!