Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowflake Party 2009

Darn! I was having so much fun at the Snowflake Party this year that I forgot to take pictures! I have a few of the pre-party preparations and the post-party detritis but none of the actual celebration.

Interestingly, only one man cut snowflakes. All the rest of them elected to watch. Most women cut, though. My biggest fans were the young adults who came. They were eager to learn, unafraid to try things, and asked for ideas and instruction. This year there was only one child, where normally there are about a dozen.

David (the Joker) didn't cut snowflakes. Instead he folded a paper airplane/missile to "take out any snowflakes that are inferior." During the party he shot that thing off a few times. It was pretty funny.As always, the living room housed my "Itty Bitty Art Show."
In one corner hung my papercuttings and my four lines of cards. Friends bought several mandalas and boxed sets of cards.On another wall was some of my wearable art. Most years I sell a lot of it. This year everyone feels poor, so Nada.All in all, the party was a success. It is gratifying that dozens of snowflakes will be decorating windows around town this year.

Thank you to all who came. Happy Holidays!

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