Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Returning to Center

Salamander Moon

The urge to paint is overtaking my mind. For a while now I've known that the tide is shifting. Kirigami papercutting has occupied my evenings all fall. Now the local stores are stocked, my online shops are full, the Snowflake Party has happened, and the Itty Bitty Art Show Gallery has three dozen beautiful mandalas and bifolds hanging in it.... I am done for the season. (I may show you a few more when there is nothing else to show, but I'm putting away my scissors this week.)

Lately I've been watching videos on Yoga, Secret India, spiritual practice, etc. Whenever I return to my inner practices and let myself sink into the dream world with which I am so familiar, images begin to float up through my consciousness wanting Out. The Muse beckons, wanting to dance.

For a long time I've wanted my artist's life and my professional life (I'm a life coach and teacher) to come closer. I have always thought that this was the "fault" of my art -- that my art needed to adapt. What I've come to realize recently is that in both my worlds I have been walking the circumference of authenticity. I need to turn toward the Center and leave that which is superfluous behind. This will be a process, of course, but if I do this - walk toward my Center where my authentic voice really lives - then my work in both art and teaching will mesh with each other without striving. The teaching I am best at is more spiritual than I've let it be and so is my art. To best honor this intention, I hold in my heart the words I recently heard from another Teacher. When asked how one finds one's true self he replied: " As much as possible, let go of that which you are not."

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