Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Kirigami Ornaments

Yesterday I spent the afternoon teaching a workshop in kirigami snowflake cutting at the Chandler Gallery. After four hours of talking, I felt pretty hoarse. It was enjoyable to work with a group of people who were interested and delighted with this activity.

While getting ready for this workshop this past week, I hit upon a new item to add to my repertoire. Smallish kirigami ornaments, laminated like the snowflakes, only about half the size. I can cut two at a time, so its not quite so time consuming. I'm not sure whether this will turn into anything but a gift to give friends. It depends on what my Etsy customers will pay for one. Anyways, I'm still having fun with holiday cutting.

PS: It didn't occur to me to photograph the ones I made this week, so I only have one to show.

More angel mandalas: I cut these two at the workshop.

Angels in Profile

Angels and Birds

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  1. Just love your delicate paper work Cynthia - I hope you don't mind but I highlighted one on my new blog!