Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Carpe Diem

When one is terribly sick, it is impossible not to think about mortality. It's not that I imagine I am actually going to die from this illness, although I have known people to die suddenly and from seemingly insignificant conditions. It is that illness reminds one that life is more fragile than we wish to believe.

That is what I imagined when I created "Carpe Diem" several years ago. Instead of an old man, death is an innocent yet wise girl. She is feminine because the female represents Nature and the cycle of life. Rather than an old wise woman, she is a child and represents purity, innocence and potential. Her familiar is an owl, a night predator. Death opens her cloak to reveal eternity and a morning sky full of hummingbirds (rebirth.)

Life, death, rebirth... each resides within the other. Carpe Diem. Live while you are alive because none of us knows the moment Death will spread its cloak over us.

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  1. Such a wonderful piece of art, and indeed, wise musings about seizing the day!