Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flower Petals - Kirigami Mandala

Flower Petals

In preparation for my Snowflake Party, coming up in a few weeks, I have begun to cut kirigami in my night studio again. I will likely be cutting every night from now through December in order to have enough to sell and decorate Shiretown Books, the Stowe Coffee Shop, and other stores my "snowflakes" go in each winter. Right now my inventory is down to about one hundred mandalas and bifolds. I need at least twice that amount for a good showing during the holidays. So, in addition to my painting, you will see a lot of kirigami for the next two months.

Here is my first creation, a one-half movie cutting. This is an eight-inch mandala saying goodbye to summer. This one will be laminated and strung with a gold cord for hanging.

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