Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Similar Palette Painted in Color

As you see, this palette for the Vermont Palette Project is very similar to the black and white one in the previous post. I used the same design (minus the words) and made it colorful. The body is painted in acrylic. Around the edge I laid a gold border with lighter gold design over it. The ribbon is also infused with metalic paint which I colorized so that it picks up the shimmer of the border. I liked this one enough to save it instead of auctioning or selling it.


  1. Hello Cynthia
    I have just discovered your blog and website.
    Oh what joy to discover such beautiful work. I am also an Artist and look forward to exploring what you do. I found your site just as I was going to come oo-line to make soup for lunch ( the one more click principle0 so will return very soon with much delight.

    Thank you for being and sharing such glory, with kind regards Kay Leverton UK