Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday my family gathered for a fun Autumn celebration. We made apple pies, stacked wood, blew together huge leaf piles that the kids jumped in, played dress-up, ate food, watched "Happy Feet" and carved pumpkins.

In my mind, I had envisioned crafting one of those gorgeous pumpkin creatures I've seen in books and magazines.
Ha! I haven't actually made a jack-o-lantern for years and forgot how tricky it really is.

Carving with children makes the process trickier still. After a dicey start, we finally emerged with all our fingers intact.

I decided to make a Martha Stewart one using a drill will a spade bit. What a hoot when the drill threw off bits of pumpkin all over the kitchen! After that my little helper, Simon, squeeled, "lets get mo' out!" with each new drilling, squishing the guts in his little hands and throwing them in the sink.

In the end, our pumpkin carving activity was definitely an enchanting art activity- even without award-winning results.

I highly recommend taking the time to carve pumpkins in the fall. Creating should be an integral part of living - a kind of play, a form of expression. The result matters less than the process.

Here's a fantastic dragon by Draco 6804 ( This is more like what I wanted to create. Maybe another time.

An incredible alien pumpkin carving by Now this is a work of art!

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