Saturday, October 3, 2009

Printmaking with Barbara Manger

I'm visiting with Barbara Manger, a wonderful artist and printmaker in the Milwaukee area. Barbara has taught college-level printmaking and drawing for many years and remains a practicing artist herself. She is the founder of Artists Working in Education, a non-profit Milwaukee-based organization providing art experience for at-risk children. She has produced a large body of work, some of which you can see HERE.

I have been privileged to stay in her home, which is a stunning collaboration of light and color, filled with large works of art, much of it her own. Her walls are painted in bright oranges, yellows, teals, and blues - color which might seem too strong for an indoor environment, but which, as a backdrop for art, becomes a stunning, scintillating bath of living warmth. This breathtaking environment inspires me to be bolder and more courageous with my own work. I invite you to join me for the next few days on my journey through art in the Milwaukee area. Let us begin with a trip to Barbara's studio.

Barbara Manger and her husband Bill Lynch

Yesterday Barbara Manger took a few of us to her studio in an old mill building for a brief lesson in printmaking and to show us some of her recent work. I haven't done this kind of work for many years and forgot how addictive it can be. We produced only two prints each, one direct and one offset, but I wanted to keep going on and on, collecting more things to print. Here is a small peek into our session:

Barbara's studio space in an old mill building. (I'm so jealous!)

Some of Barbara's older work.

The small print Barbara produced as our example.

Inking the plates

Getting ready to print. (Cynthia Osowski looks on.)

Pulling a print

My first result

My offset print

Such fun! I invite each of you to collaborate with, learn from, share with, visit or even just view other artists and their work as often as possible. It is an inspiring and enriching experience -- and food for one's own Muse.

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  1. Wow! It looks like you had tons of fun. Great work.