Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Missing Time to Create

"The Dowser"

Today is the last day to get ready for the Vermont Art Teacher's Association conference. I finished my preparations for the Kirigami class I will be teaching. Today I'm gathering things together for the class on Illustration. It will take me all day. Then it's up at 5am to drive to Johnston, VT to the Studio Center.

I don't know about you, but whenever I am obliged to spend a lot of time on promotion or showing my work, I begin to feel a vague anxiety, as if something is missing. While I know that promotion is part of the process -- I am actually working by spending time on this -- it leaves me flat. I do like "Show and Tell" experiences like tomorrow's conference. It is wonderful to hobnob with other artists and to get positive feedback. Nevertheless, so much time begins to slide by and I'm not actually painting. So much takes me away from my true love.

I am part of a small art group and we discuss this conundrum often. Most of us must supplement our art with other work to pay the bills - just another activity to keep us away from the studio. Well, lest musing turns to whining, I will stop now.

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