Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wood Stacking as Art

Last spring I installed a shiny new Vermont Castings woodstove in my 200 year old farmhouse. This winter will be the first one in which wood will be a primary source of heat. Thus I have bought three cords of wood which was dumped in my driveway and I now need to stack.

At first this seemed a boring, laborious task -- good only as vigorous exercise (and a potential back hazard.) Then I went to the Woodstock sculpturefest and saw a sculpture made entirely out of stacked wood. Hmmmm. Wood as art!My stack is in the shed, so it doesn't afford much creativity this year. However, after I stack this winter's wood, I will be buying green wood for next year. Perhaps I can think of something creative to do with it. Here are a couple of pictures of what others have done:

Alistair Heseltine - Canada

Art can be made from anything. All one needs is the willingness to think and act creatively.

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  1. How fun! Love the pics. it was my job to stack all the wood growing up - 1 reason I live in Florida now, I think - LOL