Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Restaurant Gallery Opportunity

A wonderful, accidental opportunity for "gallery" space came my way over the holiday weekend. I had heard that Sevi's Restaurant was opening here in Woodstock, VT. My oldest daughter used to work for them years ago and I'd seen Sevi from time to time. Since I was walking past their new place on Saturday, I decided to pop in and say hello.

Everyone was scrambling to get it ready for the opening. Workers were everywhere. Even so, Sevi invited me in to show me around. When I walked into their large room, the first thing I noticed were the huge, blank walls. "You know, Sevi, I am part of an art group in the area. Would you be interested in having local art decorating your walls?" Her husband walked up to listen as I explained that this would benefit them because we would do all the work, rotate or change the artwork periodically, take care of sales ourselves (giving them a small percentage) and our work would bring in our friends.

They went for it, with some trepidation because they knew nothing about this kind of thing. I frantically emailed my little art group (www.artwisewomen.blogspot.com) and we are now scrambling to get things ready to hang in three days! The restaurant opens Monday and two of our group will be out of town, so it will be a crush.

Nevertheless, this is a good example of how opportunities to show one's work can materialize, seemingly out of thin air, with just a little asking. Try it and let me know how you do.

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  1. Excellent! Years ago, many of my sales came from a cafe where my art group did the same thing.