Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trying Out Scratchboard again

When I was with her last week, Judy Jensen (most creative person I know) showed me her gorgeous scratchboard illustrations for a new book she is creating and encouraged me to try this medium. I haven't used scratchboard since grade school and back then it was a feeble, flimsy medium. Ampersand and others make a beautiful surface, black ink over clay (I suspect several layers of sanded gesso would work) mounted on a solid board. It is fascinating to work with. I love it! Clayboard has enough depth to it that one can create an almost dimensional feel. The solid board makes it easy to work with as well. I'm experimenting with four different kinds of blades right now. So much fun to play around. The above is a two-movie amusement. This will be a wonderful addition to my Black & White repertoire.

Here is the detail of the inner part of my play board, a small sketch I did for a commission I am working on. Simple, I know, but elegant in person.

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