Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Too Many Directions

I have been reorganizing my art website and something I like to ignore has been staring at me, demanding notice. It is this: my troubling habit of going in too many directions at once. I am involved in a variety of art endeavors and I tend to lose focus and momentum when transitioning from one to another. I have my finger in so many pies that sometimes I don't know what to take a bite of next.

* Custom Logos
* Illustration
* Story Portraits
* Greeting Card Collections (Quotations, Black & White Florals, Cannabis, Visionary...)
* Black & Whites
* Adult Coloring Pages
* Kirigami Cards, Bifolds, Mandalas
* Art to Wear (One of a Kind Jackets & Hats)
* Benevolence Bound Illustrations

While I feel blessed to be versatile enough to undertake all these things, it is also somewhat of a curse to try and juggle so much. But what to abandon? Choosing would be like selecting a child to push out of the boat. Every time I try to step away from one of these projects, it invariably calls me back, usually because someone requests it. I have experimented with various strategies to no avail. The impulse to do it all is too great.

The fact is that I would fill all my days with art if I could. I would listen to the siren call of each of these and other muses and toss myself into the roiling sea of creation with abandon and let it overwhelm me, happy to be drowned in Beauty.

Alas, one must eat and drink and sleep and do the dishes, the laundry, clean the house, pay the bills. I must earn a living, manage a house, attend to marketing and self promotion, etc. -- all those little diversions which take me away from what I love best: to create.

I need a wife.

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  1. I know exactly what you are talking about.

    My 5 yr old told me he was inventing a machine that would allow a person to "recharge like the cell phone" so he wouldn't need sleep :D I think a lot of people could use 1 of those