Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Stowe Art Gallery

I was contacted by the owner of the Stowe Art Gallery (35 Main St. in the village of Stowe, Vermont) to show them my kirigami work. Yesterday I drove up there (about 1.5 hour drive) with my back seat full of mandalas, bifolds, cards and prints. Donna Ellery, the new owner, loved my work and immediately took everything I brought. I may also be showing my wearables there in the fall.

I wish that I'd remembered to bring my camera and take a photo of the place to show you. It is a charming, two-storey cottage right in the village. Donna's mother, who recently passed away, was the former owner. The gallery has held fine art exclusively for years. (Here's a photo on their old website.)
Donna, however, wants to expand into fine craft, prints, and items more affordable for her clients, as "the seven thousand dollar paintings aren't selling as well any more." She calls the (gorgeous) but traditional work the gallery has carried too much like "dead white guys" and she wants to create a more eclectic environment for art in her building. Right now she is moving everything around. It will be interesting to see what she creates.

The next time I go up there I will try to remember my camera!

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