Monday, July 6, 2009

Preparing to Sell My Greeting Cards- Why it takes so long

My goal this season has been to round out my Quotations card collection to twelve and have a new set of products to sell to shops by August 1. I've been talking about "getting x greeting card ready" for many posts now and you may be wondering what the master plan is. You wouldn't think this would be so difficult. Well. Let me share my to-do list with you and the number of days I estimate for each task (given that I put at least 4 hours per day into it.)
  • Design and paint 4 new quotation card designs, 3+ days each (16 days)
  • Scan new card designs, tweak, watermark, make marketing versions, put in portfolio and on website, number and put in inventory file. (1 day)
  • Research and agonize over which quotation should go with which design. (1 day)
  • Format each new card design into a 5x7 card (1 day)
  • Format each new design into a print size (1 day)
  • Upload above files to the printer and order proofs of each (1/2 day)
  • Take inventory of what cards I have and re-order from printer what is needed (1/2 day)
  • Research sources & costs for matting, framing, packaging for prints & order (1 day)
  • Create new Brochure - layout design, update prices and info, upload to printer & order, format for online download of brochure (2 days)
  • Create new Order form - update products & prices, layout design, format for online ordering (1 day)
  • Store inventory form created (each store I sell to has its own inventory of my products) - update all info and layout new format (1 day)
  • Website re-done - completely re-work website to better show and sell products (5-6 days)
So far that adds up to 32 days - and that is just for my Quotations line (cards & prints.) I also want to round out my bookmarks and be able to offer Adult coloring pages for sale - another 3 weeks. By then I will be done with the preparation phase. Then comes the selling. Hopefully the weather will be nice for the many day trips I will be taking through beautiful Vermont and New England.
All this and my day job is as a Life Coach.

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