Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Framed Kirigami Mandalas

My hands are aching today. I have been papercutting out of season (normally I cut paper only in the winter) and my hand muscles are out of shape.

An art gallery in Stowe asked me to provide them with some of my crafts for their upcoming re-opening. I've been scrambling this week to pull together some things for them. I was very low on framed kirigami mandalas, so I have been cutting some new ones. Yesterday I sat in the bookstore and cut a mermaid mandala. Several people were watching. When I finished and opened it up (with great fanfare) one woman bought it on the spot. I will frame it tonight and ship it to her. I was both flattered and dismayed because now I have to cut another one for my very near deadline.
Here are the five I've cut this week. They are all 10 inches in diameter, made to fit a 12x12 frame.
The three mermaids will go to my private customer, to the bookshop, and to the gallery.

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