Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Painting in Public as Self Promotion

Yesterday was my first day as a visual prop in the window of Shiretown Books, where I have my cards and many of my kirigami works for sale. (I didn't think to take a picture so this one is me working in another window.)

We put up a sign in the window announcing: Greeting Card Artist Here Today. I brought my watercolors, the design I am currently working on, as well as a few older completed designs. I just sat in the extra chair behind the counter and painted all afternoon while Kelly, the owner, did her thing ordering and selling books. We chatted a bit on and off. It was a terrific way to be out with people instead of alone and isolated in the studio.

It was a great success, besides being fun. Many people came over to see what I was doing and asked me general as well as specific technical questions about painting, watercolor, how I choose quotations, what I have to do to make it into a card, etc. Nearly everyone then went to the card display and bought some of my cards. One man even asked me if I would autograph a card he bought! It was great fun.

Kelly has invited me to come back and do this again often. I am trying to think of some other places I could go and "paint in public" as well. Any ideas?


  1. I think you are close to Burlington. Have you ever set up at the farmer's market?

  2. Wonderful picture! Such a fun idea.

    I used to set up in the window of my friends' antiques shop in period costumes. Never got much work done, but it was always a fun time & brought traffic into the shop

  3. miss cynthia,

    hi it's barbara hopkins again. hope all is well with you, me well let's just say the disease is taking it's toll on me today. i am so happy your painting in the storewith the greeting cards was a success. oh, i think you could do this type of thing in many ways,any of the stores that carry your products would jump on it[good for business and all],at any craft show,or when your coloring book comes out,you might do a book signing, with a paint project, at the same time.any of the large flea market malls would love it,or antique stores,even at those booth affairs they have in malls. people would be all over you. you would be sold out in no time flat.
    i also like the way you solved your packaging problems..i'm creative,but i wish i could draw...never was able to master it,but ask for an abstract and i'm your girl.in my abstracts i try to express my hynagogic dreams,it's just another way for me to vent... but i just saw your posting titled "returning for center", that what i try to do only in abstract form. she was a perfect example of a dream i have,alot. i write poetry as i had told you before, and i am trying to put in abstract form. it was about a nightmare of not being able to reach the light,but my dark winged fairy,asked me to take her hand and she would fly me to the light...i want to be able to finish it,i am thinking of showing it at the"NN" conference. but,that's not in concrete yet. i love your art,it's breathtaking,i would love to see a showing of your work.
    barbara hopkins