Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Night Studio

You have seen my daytime studio, (shown above) a nice, bright little room at the top of the house overlooking the stream. But did you know I have a night studio?

In the evening, when I'm tired, fed, and looking to relax with a warm drink and a video, I sit down at my "Creativity Station" in our tiny den and continue to work on a painting, embroidery or some kirigami papercutting.

This suits me better than being upstairs. I can put my feet up and rest, take my time, and, best of all, watch a movie. (I am a film addict. I watch one or two movies nearly every night. Since I live in the boonies and only pick up three PBS television stations, this suits me fine.) I like to be busy, so I never have watched television or movies without doing something at the same time. In past years it was sewing, embroidery, or other handwork. Lately, since I have so much artwork to do, I paint. In the winter months I cut kirigami mandalas or work on holiday gifts.

My Creativity Station: a comfortable, beat-up love seat where my paints, some reference books, brushes, and dryer are at hand; a stool to put my tired feet up; a little table which serves as a kind of taboret; a tv screen; a chair by the tv to display my work when I need to sit and look at it for a while to work out design issues.

It would be great if I had this kind of set-up upstairs as part of my studio but, alas, I lack the space. It's good to change locations once in a while as well - to get a fresh look at the work or to renew the feeling that this is play rather than work.

Here's a snapshot of the painting I'm currently working on. You can see it on the chair. This will be another blank greeting card in the Quotations Collection.

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  1. very cozy space. Love the dragons on the new piece too