Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Open Studio Weekend in Vermont

What a glorious weekend I had driving around Vermont and discovering wonderful new artists! The Vermont Craft Council's annual Open Studio Weekend was Saturday and Sunday (not nearly enough time.) It is amazing how many gifted artisans are tucked away in the beautiful hills of Vermont. I saw only a tiny fraction of artists on the list, much to my dismay, but I will go again in future years. I encourage you to follow this event and come for a visit next year.

Among the wonderful was an artist I would like to recommend to you: Dianne Shullenberger of Jericho (she lives in Snowflake Bentley's historic home) is a fiber artist par excellence.

Her fabric collages are amazing! It is no wonder that her work is shown in galleries and museums throughout the country. Each collage is a painting made with hundreds of tiny pieces of fabric sewn on top of each other, as if each were a brush stroke of color.

Her studio is something I will dream about for a long time. It was built as an addition to the house. The gallery is downstairs with the two-room sunny studio upstairs.

Shown above are a few of my favorites. Please visit her website to see more of her work here.

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  1. Beautiful work. My friend Cindy lived on that same road. Cindy and I showed our work together at the National Stationery Show twice.