Monday, May 11, 2009

Montreal Art Museum

What a great Mother's Day present! My daughter, Heather, took me to Montreal on Saturday to visit the fine arts museum (Musee des Beaux Arts, I think.) It was wonderful to visit a city so vibrant with art. It was everywhere: galleries on most streets, wonderful boutiques with creative, original clothing designs, antique shops, and gorgeous women in high heels striding confidently up and down the hilly streets. I was in flats and ached after a couple of hours!

The main exhibit was John and Yoko, a large installation chronicaling their life together, especially their peace campaigns. It really brought me back to my college days when all this was going on. It was interesting to see my daughter's reaction - rather tepid. The impersonal, robot-driven wars of today are more easily dismissed in the minds of those who are not part of them. Vietnam was personal. Everyone I knew knew someone who had died. My male friends were all either volunteering, scared of being drafted or trying to obtain deferrments. War touched us all.

It interested me that this installation for Peace was showing in Canada. I wonder if it has come or will be coming to a museum in the USA?

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