Monday, May 18, 2009

Gennady Spirin, My Favorite Illustrator

Lately I have been attempting to practice the techniques of a master, with mixed results. Gennady Spirin, world renowned children's illustrator and my favorite artist, is a genius. I have been studying his watercolors for years, wishing that he would teach a class. Alas, I have to inspect his work carefully, attempting to deduce his technique from observation.

Gennady Spirin is a Russian artist who came to the USA several years ago and now lives in Princeton, New Jersey. I had the great fortune of meeting him once and seeing his work in person. His old world style is truly breathtaking. I believe he has won five gold medals from the Society of Illustrators as well as many other honors.

I own 25 of his books and just found six more on a used book site.
They are my candy!

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  1. beautiful illustrations. Will have too seek out some of his books